Academic CV for grad school application

If you want to apply for a high school graduate program, most inevitably you will be asked to submit a suitable CV which is also known as the Curriculum Vitae depending upon the type of the program that you are applying for. The CVs are meant for portraying your credentials academically. It should ideally have the details like the awards earned and the researches that you have completed, the professional experience that you have gained so far, if any etc.

Do remember that a CV is one of the most important document for the admission process of the grad school and hence you should design and write a CV in such a presentable manner that it looks professional and well qualified. Here are some quick tips that you can use to design your CV in the most suitable manner.

Never use your old CV for the grad school application.

This is one of the most common mistakes that students do. They use their internship CV or the school CV for their grad school application. This is a blunder to do and you need to ideally tailor a CV that perfectly suits your grad school application. Highlight all your rewards, awards, degrees and researches so that your CV gets its due importance.

Create a personal statement out of the CV

State your career goal as your personal statement in the CV. The better is your focus, the better are your chances at the grad school of your choice. Do not use any objective statement, instead a personal statement sounds perfectly fine.

Work experience

Instead of listing all your work experiences, try to prove your personal statement with as many facts as you can. Only when you can load your CV with true facts, will it sell in the market of grad school.

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