ABC writing games for Kindergarten

When a child is just 2 years old, he learns to talk. So imagine the difficulty in teaching him the 26 alphabets along with their sounds for him to learn in kindergarten. It can easily be comparable to climbing a mountain from the plains. Here are some tricks that you can use as ABC writing games for your child so that it becomes easier for him to learn and understand the tricks of the alphabets.

A letters club

Make a chart where your child can add his name once he has learnt all the letter sounds. It is important for a child to learn the sounds of the letters first as that will help him in learning the look and feel of the letters. Besides, he will be seeing the small case letters more often and so it is important for him to learn the small case letters after the sounds. Finally he can learn the capital letters.

Treat him for his effort and hard work

To keep his interest alive in the writing and reading of the alphabets, it is important to treat him with good stuff as and when he does well in the task. So when he is able to learn and reproduce the sounds, he very well deserves a treat. This will also motivate him in working a little harder and putting in more effort in whatever he do.

Use actions to teach him ABC

The best way to teach a child writing alphabets is to show him the letters in action. For instance, he can throw his hands up in the air like tree branches and make his body like a Y. Similarly he can use his hands to make a C or an I and remember the alphabets easily and use them when needed.

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